Sharing Our Stories:  The Second Wave Feminist Movement
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Friday, March 31
Hilton Durham (near Duke University), Durham, NC

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______ Reception at Sallie Bingham Center 3/30, no charge
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______ Reception and dinner only, $50 per person             
______ Conference* and dinner, $110 per person
______ Conference* and dinner, $105 for VFA members
______ Check here to request vegetarian meals 
*includes lunch
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***A limited amount of financial assistance is available.  If you would like to attend the conference and/or the awards dinner but need financial assistance, please send an email describing your situation to 

Print out the form, indicate form of payment and mail to:
Kathy Rand
813 Mission Creek Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Form and payment must be received no later than March 27

Please be sure to send in a registration form regardless of your form of payment.
If you are paying by credit card, you may scan and email this form to
Photo/Video/Audio Consents and Permissions 
By registering for the VFA conference, I grant permission to VFA and consent to its taking photographs or videos of me or audio recordings of my voice at the event to use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute in VFA's sole and absolute discretion, in whole or in part, for profit or otherwise, in any media now known or hereinafter devised, without further consideration, permission, consent or agreement.